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What's New in Legislation

By now everyone should know that there was a bill passed during the 124th legislature last year to require motorcycles to display an inspection sticker beginning 1 January, 2012. This sticker is to be displayed on the rear of the motorcycle on a separate plate mounted to an integral component of the motorcycle but not on the registration plate.

There is a bill introduced to the current legislature by Senator Debra Plowman that will allow the inspection sticker to be affixed to the registration plate. The bill number is LD 221. The title of the bill is; An Act To Make Changes to the Motorcycle Inspection Sticker Requirements. 

The bill has five co-sponsors and three of them sit on the Standing Committee for transportation and two of those are the Chair and Co-Chair of the committee.  The co-sponsors are Sen. Collins (chair), Rep. Cebra (co-chair), Sen. Thomas (committee member), Sen. Gerzofski and Sen. Sullivan.

As much support as this bill has it could use more. That’s where you come into the process. Take the time to write your Representative and Senator and ask them to support this bill by signing on as a co-sponsor or voting for passage when it reaches the floor of the House and Senate.

The bill text is shown below. Words stricken are to be removed and words underlined are to be added.