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If you own a business that offers products or services, please consider an Incentive Membership. It encourages UBM members to become consumers using a discount or incentive. Incentives benefits both members and businesses and all current members are entitled to receive discounts/incentives available.
There is no charge for an Incentive Membership.


  • Quarterly State Newsletter
  • Certificate of involvement in our Incentive & Discount Program
  • Door Sticker showing participation.
  • One year membership with United Bikers of Maine
  • Will be listed on the Incentive & Discount pages of the quarterly state newsletter
  • Business will be listed on the UBM state Website.


(Mail to United Bikers of Maine, P.O. Box 2629, Augusta ME 04338-2629)

Business Name: ________________________________________________________________

Business Mailing Address: ________________________ City: ________________ZIP:_______

Business Physical Address: ________________________ City: ________________ZIP:______

Business Owner(s) ______________________________________________________________

Business Email Address: _________________________________________________________

Business Website URL: __________________________________________________________

Discount or Incentive Offered: ____________________________________________________

Contact Person: ___________________________ Phone: _______________________________

Authorized Signature: ___________________________________________________________

Printed Name of Authorized Signature: ______________________________________________

Signing Officer: UBM Website

If you have any questions please feel free to call: 1-888-229-9UBM