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Biker Down

The following is a list of criteria and contact info.

1.  The program is limited to CURRENT dues paying members in good standing that are injured while riding a motorcycle, trike or side car combo.

2.  All financial resources will be considered, including but not limited to health and disability insurance. Other criteria may be required. Eligibility will be determined by the Biker Down committee.

3.  All counties are now participating in the "Biker Down Fund" fund raising.

4.  No disbursement of funds shall be made if controlled substances, alcohol, "horse play" or "folley" are involved with the UBM Member of the bike or trike at the time of the accident.

5.  Determination of financial assistance will be made as soon as possible by the comittee.

Any persons seeking to receive assistance or contribute to the fund may contact one of the following:

Biker Down Chairperson:

Amanda Ricci 320-3299  E-MAIL

Committee members:
Pat White  461-1584   E-MAIL
vacant position, please contact Amanda Ricci if you would like to volunteer